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THE OFFICINAL is a family-run workshop where formulas are created in harmony with nature and the surrounding environment

STEFANIA, the soul of The OFFICINAL.
Stefania holds a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Trieste, a Master’s degree with honors in Natural Organic Substances from the University of Rome La Sapienza, and has completed an internship at the Department of Technology and Health of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità in Rome.
The diverse experiences she had in chemical/pharmaceutical, galenic and food laboratories led her to the creation of THE OFFICINAL, a small herbal, cosmetic and food laboratory.

Jan, Stefania’s partner and right-hand man, is a Chef with international experience, always ready to experiment with new and ancient techniques. In his daily job, he explores different culinary worlds, associating Western and Eastern flavors. He shares the alchemist side with Stefania and contributes to the constant evolution of the project due to their shared affinities in the food and family spheres.

A major part in the realization of this project was Stefania and Jan’s experience in Australia, where they gained experience in regenerative agriculture and permaculture. This made them more aware of the importance of the holistic benefits brought by nature, in particular in the fields of food and wellbeing.

Stefania’s siblings, Jacopo and Maddalena, actively collaborate on the larger project. Jacopo, graduated in Natural Sciences, contributes to the management of the botanical part both practical and scientific, while Maddalena, an Agricultural Technician and graduated in Landscape Architecture, plans the outdoor space for complete harmony with the Karst site and territory.

Greta and Petra, Stefania’s daughters, are the stimulus and inspiration for The Officinal’s natural and sustainable choices.